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[GDT] Russia vs. Canada | Group B | Dec. 28, 2019 | 10:00 AM PT

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Byram was horrible. When he was partnered with number 3 it was OMG awful.

There were so many selfish, slow plays that he was involved in. 

Late game he would spend so much of the game around the goal line and easily stripped of the puck.


The rest of the Canadians were just lazy. Half hearted line changes with a lethargic skate to the bench. Russians were robbed. It easily should have been 10-0

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5 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I understand you’re frustrated, but where’s the respect and sportsmanship? Disappointed with Hayton, considering he’s the captain of the team.



Could have had something to do with the glass humping celebration of the Russian captain on the 6-0 goal. 


Still, must honour tradition. 

Must show respect for what came before. 


Just don't say, “you people” before such a statement, right Cherry? 

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Stop caring about Canada is this tourney a few years ago, I am only interested in how the Canuck prospects do.  TC really needs to put people in that knows what they're doing and until the WHL gets more representation I don't care how Eastern Canada does.  I don't know the roster makeup but I know who's in charge, this isn't the OHL and that Leaf reject needs to go.  My earliest memory of hockey was him running over Pierre Turgeon during a celly, classless.

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48 minutes ago, riffraff said:

Love how the Russian called him out on it in person.


a little faith is restored in millennials or maybe just Russian millennials.  Hayton would have meme tweeted if it were reversed.


what a punk.

Canada suffers it's worst ever loss at the tournament, and the captain acts like a little boy. Coincidence? 

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20 minutes ago, ilduce39 said:

On one hand I agree it’s a pretty classless move by Hayton.. on the other, you need to let the kid back it up in the rematch. If class won titles, the Twins would have been undefeated. 

Bobby Clarke says **** you while giving you a slash with his stick.


Booby Clarke on Roger Neilson:


"The Neilson situation - Roger got cancer - that wasn't out fault," Clarke said. "We didn't tell him to go get cancer. It's too bad that he did. We feel sorry for him, but then he went goofy on us."


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