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The last time the Canucks won a playoff series ______________ (fill in the blank)

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I was still commenting on the Sportsnet boards. They were not segregated by team. They got so “lively” they shut them down. Made Don Cherry look like a moderate. :gocan:
I was working at the oil sands and had great fun ribbing the Ahlbertans. 

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4 hours ago, debluvscanucks said:

I'm sorry for all the loss you've suffered since then....tough go, stay strong.  xo

Thanks Deb. It was a rough 3 1/2 years. Four of the five were in December or January. Just hoping to make it through this holiday season without losing anybody. 

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Last time Canucks won a playoff series I recall current events that happened around that time-


• Japan still picking itself up from one of the biggest disasters of the new millennium.


•Osama finally gets tracked/shot down.

•Plane crash kills KHL team and former Canuck Pavel Demitra. 

•Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret child with the house maid.




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The last time the Canucks won a playoff series...

I was excited and hopeful but yet things still felt ominous somehow, a dark foreboding that was daily reinforced by the national sentiment against the team going into the SCF. I was deeply afraid that it would all implode even before it actually did. I wish now I could have enjoyed the moment more. :)


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