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[PGT] Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 28, 2019

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-Vintage Canuck-

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"I like how our guys just found a way. Our goalie gave us a hell of a game. That's a team that shoots a lot... Out of the break, we had to get into some physical battles which can be hard. To come out of this game with two points is big. We weren't very good with the puck. Even when we got a puck with our stick in our own zone, we had a hard time corralling it to get it out, our breakouts weren't going very well, and it's a bad excuse but it happens when guys are off the ice for a while." - Green

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5 minutes ago, Bo fan said:

2 big points

The Flames - gad I hate the flames - and the laffs mostly I hat their  fans  - arrogant




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19 minutes ago, 6string said:


The Oilers might be the monkey wrench in NJs' plan of getting a third 1st overall pick in four years.  These two teams are full of 1st overalls, addicted to 1st overalls (conspiracy!) and (see gif)

Gambling Losers GIF by Barstool Sports

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Just now, rekker said:

Nice win. Wish the fans would quit booing Doughty. He just loves it and he loves knowing he's gotten under their skin.

I’d trade for Pouty Doughty.  The Loser Queens are clearly in s rebuild, and Pouty is not the right age for that.  Don’t know what I’d give up though.  It would be young and picks.  

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