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(Update) Quinn Hughes voted into NHL All-Star Game (Last Man Standing)

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Pete M

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On 1/5/2020 at 8:56 AM, Silent Man said:

To be honest, I would prefer him not to go.

This is the first season he is playing so many games and a bit of rest would be good for him and for the team.


I have to agree.  If he continues his progress, he will go to his share of all star games in the future.  Every time this time of year rolls around, the All Star game,  CDC gets stars in their eyes too. The All Star game, and how many Canuck players we can show off, suddenly is more important than the season, and/or playoffs.  Is it fun to watch the skills competition? Watch Brock hit targets? Petey score goals against no defence in a pond hockey game of the best NHL players? Sure. And in past seasons it was even better because we all knew we'd be hard pressed to make the playoffs anyways, so the ASG was the closest we could get to any kind of glory.

But this year is different. Petey already burned out last year near the end. A break would do him good.  And double goes for Marky.  Gallant will be coaching the Pacific division team, with a secret smile on his face that at least HIS playoff goaltender is resting up. Fleury rests up, in order for our overworked #1 to fill in for him.


And now Hughes as well?   in his first long NHL season?  Why?  I think its more to do with CDC and Canuck fans bragging rights for one weekend. This season it should be about making the playoffs and actually doing something in them. Focus.  I know some won't agree, but for me this is a head over heart decision. No way I am adding my vote.

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