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[PGT] Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 02, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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9 minutes ago, Gaudette Celly said:

1 giveaway --> season 14

4 takeaways --> season 26

Those stats don’t include passes that basically end the play and lead to the other team getting possession. Virtanen had five of those tonight alone. In the first two periods.  If you’re not saying “what the hell was that pass” several times a game then Virt is probably having a great game. 

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25 minutes ago, 4thLineGrinder said:


travis green must go


he has this team improving in every measurable statistic.  This is not OK.

Do you guys even realize we are closer to winning a playoff round at this point then getting the first overall pick? I'm literally shaking right now, this has to end.



Coach Delusion Disorder is real.

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15 minutes ago, BCNate said:

-Horvats best game if the year

-Boeser is turning into a very good all around player.  I think he is modelling some of his game after Miller

-Miller is on pace for 80.  Remember that first that we gave up?

-We have EP and Hughes.  Neither could drink in the states in October.  

-Virtanen was quiet,  but still another point.

- we have two of the 10 best players in the Wjc still to come.  And Madden.

-2 points back of the division lead with 2 games in hand.  We are still at least 2 seasons away from this core hitting its prime.

-green is improving at the same pace this team is.  

We also have Podz, Rafferty, Lind, Juolevi, Demko, DiPietro and other prospects doing well.  This could shape up to be one hell of a decade for this franchise.  



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