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[Signing] Kovalchuk signs with Montreal

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21 hours ago, Davathor said:

I think the extension/re-signing talks are pretty ridiculous. Kovy is a hired gun despite walking away from LA (who has no shot at playoffs), and at his age likely wants as much of a shot at a cup as possible. That's not going to be in Montreal.


I predict he gets rented out at the deadline for a 3rd +. If Pittsburgh picked him up they would look scary as hell up front.

Kovy paired with Malkin would certainly be fun to watch as long as it’s not against Vancouver.

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1 hour ago, qwijibo said:

According to some in this thread it was a terrible signing (despite ample evidence to the contrary) 

Terrible character guy, too. Coaches only put terrible influences, bad teammates, and awful people who never produce in overtime. Especially against their rivals :lol: 

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Always loved Kovy. Character guy. Left approximately 80 mill on table because he wanted to go play in his home country and advance the game there.


If a player left a couple of million on the table to come back to Canada he'd be considered a national treasure by TSN and CBC.


Heck players barely come back to Canada at market price. Tavares is the only superstar who did that. I had been saying for years on these forums that Tavares would go to Leafs as UFA. 

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That was immensely pleasurable - watching Kovalchuk finish the Laffs last night, after blowing that lead with a complete cave-in.


Matthews floating vacantly between Suzuki and Kovalchuk...


Kinda signature of that build.  Cameraman trolling Dubas with repeat focus on both those Habs goals.   Fun stuff.

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