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[GDT] Canada vs. Russia | Gold Medal Game | Jan. 05, 2020 | 10:00 AM PT

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Plenty of players capable of eating the gravy Hunter has been feeding Hayton. 

I don’t think losing him makes a lick of difference. 


I wanted to see more from a healthy Byram. Playing with the flu is brutal. 


There might be standby medivac teams set to fly guys to hospital who suffer from a man cold today. 


The panel on TSN already covered the lack of defensive pressure and urgency of which the Canadians displayed against Russia in their blowout loss. Will we see a change in strategy? We used to tackle the super skilled, slippery Russians with a simple man-to-man approach, back when we didn’t have to call it person-to-person. The strategy was effective, but I doubt we’ll see a switch to this traditional defensive approach. 


Special teams might decide this game. 


Russia might be vulnerable to retaliatory penalties from Canadians taking runs at them after building up an ego as a team who easily mandled Canada and might try too hard maintain that persona if challenged. Team Canada could capitalize of this. 


I can’t imagine Canada handing over the puck and possession so readily in this game as it will be difficult to retrieve against a fast, physical and technically structured team. If Canada looks to facilitate a line change by continuing to chip the puck in, and hand over possession, I believe it will be a burden they won’t overcome and will be a possible adjustment or change to watch for. 


If we notice Russian Dmen using the boards and glass to advance the puck today, I think we’ll be witnessing an effective Canadian forecheck and a breakdown of the Russian transition game. 


Just came back from buddies Team Canada trophy case where his team captain sweater and Canadian flag is one of my favourite pieces of his case. 


Go Canada Go! 

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