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[PGT] New York Rangers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 04, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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7 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

When you're hot you're hot. 

And he has been hot for almost a full season now if u include the second half of last. I think its more then just "being hot" . It's being elite. 

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7 in a row!  
It’s a pretty great feeling.   
The thing I keep thinking about though, is we haven’t been playing very good for most of this streak.   The bounces are going in, and we have gotten lucky in a handful of these games.   

If they manage to really pick it up, there is potential for a long run of points here.  

Either way the wins are great right now!  
It’s a shame Vegas and Arizona seem to be keeping pace too. 

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2 minutes ago, haton said:

Virtanen has gone from the guy he frustrates me most to the guy who frustrates me least. He needs to be in the top 6. If he doesn't fit in on a line they need to change to suit him not the other way around. But really he just needs to be inserted for some time imo.

Third line has cooled off a bit, put Virtanen on the Horvat line


Virtanen - Horvat - Eriksson 

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1 minute ago, xereau said:


You are mistaking the system for poor play and laziness.

They are instructed to force the play to the outside, and to even give the other team the puck, as long as they get it out.


It works when every player on the ice buys in.

That being said, it's a pretty blue collar system and it will eventually be picked apart by other teams.


were making hay


i say let the horses run wild

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2 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

Captain had another great game 

Meyers had a huge shift to stuff the Rangers momentum , then scored.

but Markstrom stole the show, even did a stacked pad save 

, Extra maple syrup!

Shades of 94

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Canucks shut it down only one goal against 


Marky was great but there was some real defence out there tonight. 

Obviously rather see the high scoring fun games to watch but it’s nice to see this team character win when they need to grind it out and the flow just isn’t there. 

Solid two points 



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