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[ GDT] Canucks @ Lightning, January 7, 2020 - 4:00 PM PST -- Streak vs Streak Edition

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6 hours ago, Tre Mac said:

Going to get some hate here but lately some of these GDT contain way too much fluff.  The page takes minutes to load and half the stuff is still invisible.  Why can't the first post just be the vitals and the OP can add all the meme's and tweets in the second post.  I just want to know the lineups not clips from previous games or tweets.  I know a lot of work goes into these but if half the stuff doesn't load it's kind of pointless.  

could sign up and do it from tiem to time if you dont wanna see that type of stuff, but i agree sometimes its a bit overload.

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This will be another tough task as the Bolts are getting hot....time for the NUCKS to turn it up another notch and play really smart defensively. I reckon to win this one they will need Marky to stand on his head AGAIN....this whole road trip is crucial they need every possible point ...such a tight pack in the Pacific..

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Hard to recall so much hype for a mid-wk/season tilt..this could be an absolute-beaut.


Nice that both squads are relatively healthy/rested. No excuses. Should be quite the measuring stick.


Keep a close eye on that lil' bast*rd, BP. Helluva' player. Hope we have one similar in Madden.



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27 minutes ago, Jester13 said:

I think there's an app for that, no? Not sure what it is, but a bud of mine has mentioned it to me before that he's able to set it from one. 

yeah, but I need a different cable package. I'm too cheap for that fancy stuff  lol

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9 minutes ago, Tre Mac said:

According to TSN1040 this is only the 2nd time in NHL history that two teams with winning streaks of 7 or more faced off against each other.  Isn't that crazy?

Cool you posted that..was wondering to myself(yest) how common this was. Very surprised by that answer..figured it might've happened a dozen(or so) times prior.

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