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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning | Jan. 07, 2020

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Bad performance tonight. We were in it in the early parts of the game but we just fell apart late in the 2nd. Marky got hung out to dry tonight. Wasn't his night. Petey adds to his scoring totals with the goal. Overall, it was a bad night and hope the boys start a new streak next game. GCG!

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We actually played a good road game for half the game.  Many here may forget Louie scoring a very important goal with less then 10 minutes to go in second, and being in a 2-2 tie.  

I don't blame you, I'll try to forget the entire evening tonight.  

On a sidenote, I really didn't appreciate the careless effort by some of our guys in the 3rd period.  

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Full on surrender.

Systems out the window.

Desire gone in the end.

Praying for the end.

Goalies hung out to dry.

Letting what's his name walk in and almost out away his fourth would have been a morale killer.

Great looking first period but you could tell 10 minutes in that these guys were not going to lose tonight. 

Stanley Cup favourite.

We are still growing.

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I, and many others, posted about our poor d during our win streak. Many called us downers. Not all games were poor defensively but many were 


we play with zero d system and defensive discipline. Our coaching is terrible and when Marky is not there to cover up the bad play we are exposed 


this was a test tonight and we failed 


I will say it again, Green and his crew are not going to take this team to the next level 



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1 minute ago, SergioMomesso said:

Only one 60 minute effort the past 4 games is not gonna win us 3/4 going down the stretch. Better get our sh1t together or we will be a lottery team by the time they get back to Vancity. 

That's hardly a bold prediction when they're only one point out of the lottery.<_<

Even if they end up in a lottery spot when they come back they'll still have games in hand on everyone else.

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