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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning | Jan. 07, 2020

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1 minute ago, J-23 said:

Oilers are a bipolar team like us. They are 1 point ahead of us and played 2 more games than us. This loss is not a bad Playoff hit.


End of the day, this race will come down to the very last games.

This game may not be a hit but it may at the end of this trip. The teams we play are solid and playing well 

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1 minute ago, ShawnAntoski said:

Yah, our goalies (especially Markie) had been covering up alot of deficiencies but I would also argue, that if Markie wants to be an upper echelon goalie then he should welcome all challenges...

9-2 is a challenge a 6x4 sheet of plywood would have difficulty with 

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2 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

If you’re going to end a streak might as well go out with a bang.

 I’m glad I listened to the Tampa feed so I could hear them pick apart our defensive strategy. It was educational.

Tampa really exploited our weaknesses , pressing us down low.

Yah, for the longest time our goalies has been the real x factor (can also be true for all contending teams) cause any well balance team hoping to go far in the playoffs will be leaning heavily at there goalies.  In the end, Markie will either earn that contract or JB will move on.  Can't wait till next game for any adjustments from the coaches and players.

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"You could really tell how down the guys were after the 2nd period... We lose a couple faceoffs, they score. We turn a couple pucks over, they score. A team like that, they're going to make you pay when you make mistakes and they did. It's a good challenge now to refocus and respond in our next game." - Green

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So far its only a one game losing streak.  No need to budge. It was a long travel to start the road trip. They are allowed to have a bad game.

Give credit to Tampa Bay as well. Listening to the Lightening broadcast, they commented it was the best game they've seen the forward unit playing in all season.


The test is now how well they are prepared for Florida.


Every year its the same thing with Markstrom. Overplaying him when you have a competent back up. The coach as usual, waits until it catches up to him, instead of managing his starts no matter what, even if he's winning. Not that the team didn't help tee up a barrage for him to hold off. Not blaming him for this loss.

I don't know if starting Demko would have helped, Maybe travel like that wouldn't effect a younger body as much.  But don't wait for fatigue, manage Marky more for sure now in the second half, if we expect to use his services, dialed up to 11, in the post season.


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