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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Jan. 09, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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9 minutes ago, nucksnavsfan said:

They need to start winning again , I’m forgetting what fun hockey feels like  :(

I want to sincerely apologize to the 2009-2012 Canucks teams for complaining when they lost a game, like once in every two weeks.

Don't know what you got til it's gone.

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To me, this effort was just as bad as our 9-2 Lightning game. 5-2 makes it appear as if we actually competed.


Very disappointing game. Ridiculous turnovers, lazy and bad defensive play killed us once again. 


I also don't understand why Myers gets so much ice time - he is typically awful imo. I know he got his assist tonight, but he typically doesn't contribute much offensively, makes bonehead defensive plays, is lazy on the puck, doesn't often his as his size would suggest, and telegraphs his passes so much he might as well yell out to the opposing team where they are going first.


3 million d-man? Sure. 4? Maybe if we are being generous. 6? No way.

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10 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

I mean, lost twice in 9 games. :ph34r: Might wanna word your whining a bit better. Like this


Tired of this overachieving team beating up crappy teams with their overrated PP and their passive ass defense.

I was talking about the last five years. We have lost a ton of hockey. There really is nothing left to learn. They keep saying we need to learn from our losses but that’s a lot of losing.

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At least these blowouts have come against eastern teams.  If they can turn it around and win against Minny, Ari and Winnipeg they'll still gain some ground.  Next two morning starts scare me though.


Thought Thatchy D played great, maybe one softy but it's not like it would've made a difference, it could've been another 9ner.  Definitely hung out to dry.


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2 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

I hate it when people use initials. Like i dont want to guess what they stand for . Why not just post the name . Lol 

Okay a wise poster brought up trading  Bo Horvat for Brady tkachuk.....better

I used Bo cause his the only Bo that comes to mind and BT and Brady tkachuk cause BT is one of a kind. 

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