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[Discussion] 4 canadian teams in the mid of the pack of playoff....

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I agree with the other posters. Canucks, Winnipeg, and Calgary make it while Edmonton retreats the basement from where they came. I honestly don't think Edmonton can do any damage in the playoffs anyways. They're so exceptionally dependent on McDavid to score and it is unlikely that he can produce in the playoffs like he does in the regular season given how the referees let a lot of roughing, holding, and hooking go in the playoffs. McDavid is built around his speed and the playoffs (historically) have not been kind to McDavid's ilk. 

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I find this to be interesting - playoff probabilities from various statistics websites:


Chances of making the playoffs (sources: playoffstatus.com / hockey-reference.com / sportsclubstats.com / moneypuck.com / AVERAGE):


Vancouver:  84% / 87% / 91% / 66% = 82%


Edmonton: 80% / 82% / 84% / 75% = 80%


Calgary: 76% / 69% / 60% / 79% = 71%


Winnipeg: 40% / 37% / 29% / 18% = 31%


These sites, which calculate odds based on a huge number of simulations, all seem to agree that the likely amount of points it will take to make the playoffs in the Western Conference is approximately 90.


The Canucks only need 32 points in 33 games to get to 90, so it is no wonder their playoff probability is so high - they don't even need to play .500 hockey the rest of the way to likely make the playoffs.

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