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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets | Jan. 14, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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3 hours ago, Shirotashi said:

Coach green knew it was going to be a long and grindy one and he still plays marky. Astounding 

at how winning a few games in a row hides the fact that he is a terrible coach. Awful. He has presented

me with zero evidence his coaching style is changing this team for good or bad. Were going up

against this team we barely win against and he has no strategy other than just keep rolling what

he has been rolling. 

Awful? Terrible?


wow you really don't like TG


Tell us how you really feel


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Does Wheeler look big out there or what?  He must be a handful to deal with.  Just looked at his stats, they've improved every year, to now over a point a game!  Very consistent, would love to have this guy on our team, even at 33. I guess he really grew into his body through those years.  Great hands for a big guy. I know Loui isn't a center, but wow, if he was that consistent through his years!


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36 minutes ago, iBlueGreen said:

Feels like Winterpeg right now ...

Out of the country atm, by the time I am back the snow would likely be gone, and the Canucks will be atop of the Pacific divisions by 5+ pts with multiple games in hand :metal:

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11 minutes ago, skategal said:

Wow!  Not coming back til next season?  

I will be back next month. I am just hoping the Canucks win a bunch of games and be atop the Pacific Division by 5+ points when I am back. If my flight isn’t delayed or detoured, I would be at the Canucks vs Nashville game next month. 

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7 hours ago, RowdyCanuck said:

Torts and the Sedins were never going to work....

Torts with this team and that would be a different story cause he would have star players that play both ways and Petey has showed push back already.....

If you recall Torts had lots of nice things to say about how "tough" the Sedins were, and that year we still had guys that would fight (remember the CAL game when he lost it?).   It was also a more experienced team as a whole (older).   Torts has had to adapt to stay in this league as the generation that's playing now would turn against a Keananesque fear based coaching in a instant.  In fact it hasn't existed for a long time in this league. 


 Hitchcock changed years before, another disciplinarian that new to keep coaching in the league he'd have to change with the times.   Babcock....well he's probably never getting another job..



Looks like it's the players coaches that teams want these days - TG is a hybrid like most - Gallant is a players coach, Quenville is a players coach with a strong tactical side - just like Quin was.   It works too - players that love their coach are willing to do anything for them and their team.   


Maybe a more experienced coach is what we will need - but with this roster we are playing a little above expectations as it is so don't see us making a change until that changes. 

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Good enough to win most nights with that offense, not good enough to win most nights with that defense though. 


Does Edler have a bummed shoulder? He never uses his stick defensively anymore. Didn't have a single poke check the entire game. Played awful as a result, even worse than normal. Erik Karlsson level of defense. 


Unlucky night pooled with a few plays where defense just didn't wanna defense. 

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10 hours ago, RowdyCanuck said:

What's confusing @riffraff?

we play like orcas without teeth....

we just gum you up and not rip your apart....

Green could easily tell guys like rooster , Jake and Guad to stir the pot....

he has pests but doesn't use them....


I disagree with anyone that’s says the coach tells the team to play soft.


its basically a foregone conclusion that snarl is not a natural trait for JV. People keep expecting him to scrum it up etc when the reality is he is not that guy.


gaudette? Really?  What fear would he strike in a scrum?  Again, not that player.


Roussel is a guy who is not afraid but by reputation he gets penalties for breathing in the wrong direction.


we all want the toughest team but nobody wants the dumbest either.

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11 hours ago, Davathor said:

Any recommendations for a horrible movie on Netflix? I like to get all the punishment in on one night.

Ocean rising. The worst movie ever. The opening scene you can tell the house is carb board. Low budget. Bad acting, terrible affects and just everything was bad. It's so bad tbh that it's kinda funny 

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