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NHL warns Flames, Oilers; Parros expected to attend rematch

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January 29 — mark your calendar, folks.


The NHL is talking to both the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers in an effort to ensure the Battle of Alberta doesn't get further out of hand.


"(Senior vice president of player safety) George Parros and (executive vice president and director of hockey operations) Colin Campbell were on the phone on Wednesday in separate calls with the (general managers) from the Battle of Alberta trying to calm those waters down ahead of the Jan. 29 rematch between these two rivals," TSN's Pierre LeBrun reported on Thursday's edition of "Insider Trading."


Parros is expected to be at Rogers Place in Edmonton for the game, LeBrun added.


Parros assessed Oilers forward Zack Kassian a two-game suspension Monday after Kassian repeatedly punched Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk following Tkachuk's hit on Kassian during Saturday's matchup between the two clubs.


Kassian later said he'd "do it again" and called Tkachuk a "p—y" for not wanting to fight him. Tkachuk said if Kassian doesn't want to get hit, he should "stay off the tracks."


After the Jan. 29 meeting in Edmonton, the provincial rivals will meet again three days later in Calgary and then once more in their final regular-season contest April 4 at the Saddledome.


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2 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Why are those chuckleheads going to the game? There complete lack of consistency in holding players accountable has resulted in these issues. Maybe their dumbasses are coming to survey their handiwork. 

So that they can get the best seats in the house. It's what I would do if I were them.


Gonna be a rough n tough game.

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Him going to the game is going to do what?


Is he going to come running onto the ice if somebody throws a bad hit, or just ignore it like he is usually does.


Hope Kassian gives him an ass whooping as well, Tkachuk, and Parros.

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3 minutes ago, BlastPast said:

Parros probably just wants to see a good fight.

The league is kind of in a Catch 22, aren’t they?  They need heated rivalries and the potential of violence to sell seats, but (to get that level of hate) they have to risk their position on head injuries.  

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26 minutes ago, xereau said:

The modern Battle of Alberta has a certain stench about it, like after the 4th generation of crack babies go at it.


It's nothing compared to those wars in the 80's.

It's been more of a square dance for more than a decade.

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What about the league wide INCONSISTENT reffing?


This is good old rivalry. You WANT a bit of this in your product if you want fans to watch. You can still enforce player safety by properly penalizing those who cross the line. The current model of suspension OBVIOUSLY is not deterring anyone.

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Great, let's ruin the one game that I'm looking forward to.  

NHL has been flirting with danger in terms of popularity the last 5 years.  I'm all for eliminating headshots but you can't completely remove fighting (which they've effectively done with the refs and linesmen) and big hits from the game.  


NHL without fighting and hitting is not a sport that gets me excited.  

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