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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: All-Star Edition January 25th 2020

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15 minutes ago, Cali Canuck said:


Cali Canuck 48 

coastal.view 34


I think I'm doing just fine thanks.


i did not know this was mano a mano discussion

this has little to do with your current position in the betting thread


since you are active in it

you should know

and appreciate

and adhere to betting edicate


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1 hour ago, coastal.view said:

not the point

don't trivialize this too much


if you do not want to bet

leave the betting thread alone please


Wow...did someone pee in your cornflakes?  Sorry I didn’t research the specifics of an all star game set up prior to “placing my wager”. Some of us do this for fun and appreciate a little help from the better informed on here. @Cali Canuck thanks again...hoping it doesn’t affect your winnings too much. 

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