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Saw these guys at the East Van cultural centre in the mid 90's. One of the best venues for acoustics i've been at. Masada (John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Greg Cohen and Joey Baron) Joey baron is one my all time favourite drummers, seeing him live was the a huge influence on me as a drummer. Been into Zorn's music for 30 years.


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1 hour ago, bishopshodan said:

We''re defiantly smarter than we get credit for too. On FB i posted a Buddy Rich solo and a friend (none drummer SJW) pipes up and says Buddy Rich is boring, Alex Van Halen's the best and his drum solos are more musical than Buddy Rich's. I pointed out that AVH has said Buddy Rich was his biggest influence and the reason he started playing drums. He then went on to say Jimi Hendrix is over rated just like Buddy Rich. Lol. This guy still listens to Motley Crue and thinks anything that isn't rock is trash. He doesn't play guitar or drums but apparently Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Rich are a huge waste of time.

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So many different drummers, so many different styles, so many different genres of music.  :)


My current favourite is Hirose Akane of Band Maid:


Yes, they're all "gurls". Yes, they are Japanese. Yes, they sing in Japanese. Yes, they are dressed in maid outfits. They are also pretty damn good. Enjoy!




                                                                         regards,  G.

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