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[GDT] All Star Weekend - Jan 24/25 2020 - Pettersson, Hughes, and Markstrom edition

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10 minutes ago, KelownaCanucksFan said:


Look, this is not really exciting at all... but let's not pretend that the All Star Week has ever been some sacred event. 


If this gets a bunch of 11yr old girls excited to play hockey, then it was worth it, because it is a throwaway event to begin with. 

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10 minutes ago, Davathor said:

WHAT IF women's professional hockey had less draw than the WHL and was a financial disaster for every team they had? WHAT IF it isnt inherent sexism, it just doesnt have the draw to be a nationally televised league.  




I’m going to watch a Canada vs USA womens’ game in a week or so in Victoria, only because I’ve been invited out as a social thing, not because I find the product worth spending my money or time on. 


I suspect most of the hockey fans are in a similar spot. 


Nobody cares. Sorry ladies, Your hobby isn’t all that much of a career. No matter how much fake-up you can cake on under your lids, I doubt there’s a market thats going to pay to watch you guys play hockey unless you’re playing for a national team at a marquee event - even then, it’s not a viable career path.


Suck it up, princesses. 

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1 minute ago, Davathor said:


I'll forgive you this time. As long as you've learned your lesson.

I have, there was a moment there where I was like hey, everyone deserves a chance. Then I remembered that that's just silly, you should only get what you deserve in life and not get gifted something you haven't earned

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