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[GDT] All Star Weekend - Jan 24/25 2020 - Pettersson, Hughes, and Markstrom edition

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16 hours ago, 10pavelbure96 said:

Big time. I'm glad we passed on him. Juolevi might be a late bloomer but I think when it's all said and done we wont regret that pick.


And he should have been wearing a kc chiefs Jersey anyway given that the super bowl is next weekend 


Joulevi's already an NHL all star, if it weren't for injuries he would have won the Norris and the cup for us already. Thank god we picked him over a rugged 30 goal young power forward.

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1 minute ago, KelownaCanucksFan said:

How does both of Keith’s boys have curly hair, was their mom busy with the pool boy? 

Did they both fall out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down? 

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1 minute ago, Davathor said:


Joulevi's already a bust. He hasn't even managed to be the best defenseman on an AHL team since being drafted. Add injuries to that and theres no way to justify that pick in hindsight.



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22 hours ago, Brad Marchand said:

I might be in the minority of people who think it will be great to see Petey rip 100 mph clappers in front of some of the league's hardest shooters. If he can do it, it will probably take some people around the league by surprise.

I knew he could shoot hard. I wasn't expecting him to shoot that hard.

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