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anucks-- Any Interest? NCAA Free Agent NHL Watch List—Forwards

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I've really liked Johnny Walker for the last two years. He, however, is an Arizona kid who is one of the star players of the Arizona State team and I feel like he's gonna end up on the Coyotes because it's too good of a story for them and him to pass up on. (Arizona kid who played for Arizona State plays for the Arizona Coyotes... that's just a feel good story). 


I could see the Canucks signing 1 NCAA player and than signing there other NCAA players (like Lockwood) in July. Will really depend on if Rathbone/Madden want to make the jump this year. I assume Madden will but it'll be interesting with Rathbone because he's at Harvard. He may want to play 1 extra year at Harvard before going pro because of academic reasons. 


In an interview with the Athletic, Benning did say he has 5 internal prospects he wants signed and playing in Utica next year... curious who they are!

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Thanks OP for the research.  Would be great to know their positions, size and stats though before deciding if we need any of them.


Also wonder if we need any guys really, Podkolzin and Lind (RW) / Madden (C)/ Hoglander and Gadjovich (LW) are pretty solid depth.  Maybe we could use another all-round gem of a center and an upgrade on Jonah on left wing?  Utica could also use a center with all their injuries but the team might be full otherwise. 

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Mitchell Chaffee looks like he would be a great pick up if we could get him. Has the tools needed to succeed in the AHL. Could be another College signed player that makes the NHL. Being from Michigan he would probably want to play for Detroit. 


  • Position 
  • Height 
    6'0" / 183 cm
  • Weight 
    207 lbs / 94 kg
  • Shoots 
  • Contract
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I was really hoping Jake Kielly would be a solid goalie prospect. But he's not doing that great in the Zoo. He had great numbers in the NCAA.

There's contracts expiring on some of the veteran d-men on the farm. And forwards like Pope that might be left unsigned after this season. 


Then you have players like Goldy and Baer, that with luck and better numbers in the AHL, maybe they can be moved. 


So going forward I think they will be able to find roster spots for players that do well. 

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