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[Discussion] Mark Borowiecki

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Mark Borowiecki is currently having a career year (16 pts in 46 games). He's a tremendous shot blocker, and he leads all defensemen in hits. Borowiecki is a UFA at the end of the year, and he'll likely be leaving the Sens when it's all said and done. With the Canucks being tight to the cap, they may be looking at cheaper options to fill in holes on their team. Borowiecki gives the Canucks a physical presence on the back-end, and he could be a potential upgrade over Benn and Fantenberg. 


After floating the value of Borowiecki on Hfboards, Sens fans are gauging his value at somewhere between a 3rd and 4th round pick. What do you all think? Is he worth a deadline pick-up to improve the physicality of the team for the back half of the season?

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Mark plays playoff hockey all year round. He is going to be a great depth pickup for whoever offers the most to the sens. So many teams are close to making the playoffs in both conferences, I am sure he will be plucked by one if the sens want to move him out. Teams in need of that sort of help on the back end and have cap space could really use him. Winnipeg, Carolina, NYI, Toronto, Edm to name a few. If Boston can fit him in...they want to redeem themselves as a group from last years gm 7 loss in the SCF.


I don't see us making this move since we have decent depth at D with either Benn or Fantenberg as our 7th. But if we were looking to add another d-man, Mark B would definitely fit the bill but I'd rather we give someone from Utica a shot. We have lots of interesting D-prospects down there.

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If we shed cap by trading Benn and Stecher I wouldn't be averse to bringing him on-board.

He could be an upgrade on the 3rd pair?  How much would you expect he cost salary wise (currently $1.2 million, pending UFA)?

Strictly in terms of depth, I would be happy keeping Benn (he brings such valuable versatility) and Fantenberg (solid, mobile no-frills guy).

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4 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Because he's cheaper and Melnyk doesn't care if he's icing an NHL team.

I see Melnyk’s perfect roster as one full of guys who are on cap hits of 6 plus million, but who are actually only getting 1 million is salary.  He’d be cap compliant, while only spending 23 million is actual salary. 

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The only trades this team should make is either to the top 6 forwards or the top 4 D. Depth players we have plenty of in the minors and on the team. And they are players we developed and they deserve the chance to at least show us if they can or can not play in the big leagues. We don't need to move middling picks for middling players when we have our own middling players that earned opportunities to showcase how far they've come and if they can take the next step.

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Some playoff team will make a play for him. Our D is a bit stacked and we have some depth in Utica/KHL. 


See 0 need for Canucks to give up any assets this TDL. Ride the wave and let the kids gain experience. What we need to do is try get rid of a pricey contract or 2 between now and before July 1

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46 minutes ago, GhostsOf1994 said:

Borowiecki took a major salary decrease to stay in Ottawa with his wifey.


I highly doubt he wants to be moved especially not to the west coast.

He has only had salary increases since entering the league, very minimal ones as he has been a bottom pair D at best for his career. If he wants to stay in Ottawa he can re sign with them July 1 after a chance at the playoffs

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28 minutes ago, Darkstar said:

Bumping this thread after recent events.


Borowiecki would be a huge upgrade over Benn, Fantenberg, and Brisebois. With him and Ferland on the team, the Canucks won't get pushed around as much.

He has an important role in Ottawa and even wears the A.  Would think Ottawa will try and bring him back.  


Seeing Benn end up scratched for 17 games and only get back in due to injury - as 3rd pairing D not sure he'd see Vancouver as an attractive destination. 

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