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Microsoft Office 365


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My employer is thinking of transferring the business to this platform of communication/file-sharing/data-storage/etc....


Anyone here familiar with this platform?  What should I know about this service/application - Pro's/Con's?


Thanks for your feedback.

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My recommendation is tranferring all related parties at once.


Without getting into details........

One 'business unit' I work closely with updated to it. My home 'business unit' didn't. It really sucks for me given that 99.8% of my job involves the business unit that transferred.

Most of the frustration revolves around communications and file sharing. (Teams vs Skype, Sharepoint etc.)

Since I'm not on O365 yet so I can't comment overall.

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MS mail is going that route anyway for what it's worth. Exchange 2019 is the last Exchange then it's all Office 365 and eventually Exchange will no longer be supported.

But.. It can be a lot easier than hosting an Exchange server on site as the burden of responsibility falls on MS. At the same time from an IT point of view that's just another position being outsourced to the cloud and while it requires managing still, it's not the same as having your own Exchange server. Then of course your also at the mercy of MS and whatever they say you have to pay for licensing - granted you are anyway whether in the cloud or on prem, but cloud stuff is always more expensive. Our mail server on prem is 400GB total with well over 100 mailboxes and 32GB of RAM. It costs us nothing aside from the licensing. But in the cloud you'd have to pay for all of that too. 

Of course if you don't have a clue what you are doing with Exchange then go 365 and be done with it

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I use this with SharePoint, can't say I'm much of a fan of how Word performs, I've found it to be pretty glitchy and have lost revisions of doc's. Much prefer to do editing on the pc (or in my case mac) version. Sharepoint is fine tho. No issues with email either. 

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Call it Office 355 with 10 days off that you don't get to pick.


It integrates well, but you're at the mercy of the cloud- aka "Someone elses' computer". If your infrastructure sucks and you have no cash to upgrade it (or will), then it's probably an improvement.



If you're running a ton of users and your infrastructure exists and is decent+ and the personnel are in place to support that, just stay on-prem. I can only see licensing costs for on-cloud (Azure AD in particular) increasing as 'more' people go in that direction; they've got everybody by the short curlies once they leave on-prem. I don't see Ex2019 being the last given how many big clients are out there who won't be going cloud on the basis of how big they are and how much the economics don't support it.


If it's a mom n pop shop with 20-40 people and an old Ebay HP server in a forgotten closet with insufficient ventilation/cooling that's the email server, DC, file server and everything else (or no domain at all), go 365.

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1 hour ago, otherwise said:

my work just "upgraded" to O365. I haven't used teams yet, but from the look of it-is it just msn messenger from like 2004? (if so I can see why kids love it)



I use it to post assignments that they can turn in digitally through Teams.  Heh, I always disable the chat, rather than open up that can of worms.

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Odd story for everyone. 


Worked for a company that used excel. Three of us, all under the bosses office account. Everything fine, then one day i notice my desktop isnt my normal joker picture its a yellow car with a lenovo tag. No big deal, windows updated or something i guess?


Next week the boss comes to me and asks “Hey did you change my desktop to the joker?”. Obviously i didnt. Now we start to pay attention to it. 


Long story short, we have determined that every once in a while office likes to switch our desktops with each other. Yes it could be something else, but it still happens to me and i dont work there any more, i have an antivirus program, and my computer was never on around the coworkers. 


Harmless little “bug”, but its concerning to me that office can change my desktop without my permission, to a picture not even on my hard drive. The joker picture is something i downloaded, and my computer is a dell not lenovo. 

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