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[Discussion & Poll] Markstrom, Tanev & Virtanen - One has to go

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Who do we let go?  

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1 hour ago, higgyfan said:

Obviously you didn't watch Tom Wilson in the playoffs!


Tryamkin and Rathbone are hardly replacements for Tanev and Stecher.  Team defence takes a dip in effectiveness.


Absolutely nobody knows.


There are restrictions on how many veteran players can be moved to the team's AHL team.  Also, the cap savings on these players is far less than their actual salaries


Imo, it's way to early to have this discussion.  There will likely be salary cap increase(s), buyout available and given JB's recent comments on the subject, I suspect the management team have a plan.

 u can send vets to other ahl teams as loners  and ya tryamkin and rathbone will be upgrades on stecher tanev bigger faster meaner more offense 

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1 hour ago, grandmaster said:

I don’t think you understand how the salary cap works. Some of those “buried” contracts you speak of still have considerable cap hit. 

Markstrom has been our MVP in most of the games this season. He is the least likely to be let go.

Jake is hot now. Now. We’ve seen how he goes and his numbers are inflated playing with Petey and Miller, allowing us  to get a more than fair return. Jake is like Anson Carter. He will never be worth what he gets in arbitration. 

bs jake drives the play  he was making it work pn 3rd line and hes had 21 points in 26 games through hustle  perfect fit with  miller petey

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I think


Virtanen gets a 2.5 million  2 year bridge....he will re-sign in 2 years


Markstrom gets a 1.75 million raise = 5.3ish X 5 years


Tanev gets 3 years Similar to Edler at 5 to 5.5 Million


This is an up and coming team....I think everyone re-signs


PS………..You should have a none option on your poll

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1 hour ago, Jaku said:

Not sure if it's been said but, Virtanen expires as a RFA not UFA. 

He has arbitration rights and is a UFA in 2 years.  Would think his camp will file for arbitration - gives them more leverage that close to UFA status.  

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They will pay a pick or prospect to move one of Baertschi, Sutter, Erikkson before they lose a key roster piece. 


Our cap situation is not the best, but I'd say the most it will cost us to fix is a 1st and a solid prospect.  With our depth in the NHL, AHL and prospect pool, we can certainly afford that.  I genuinely don't understand the panic.

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Love Tanev one of my favourites for alot of years but we have very good young players ready and it’s time, factor that and the cap saving by going with youth.


markstrom all depends on what he wants contract wise 6mill+ with term I think you let him walk. No expansion protection either. 


JV proving he’s a fantastic play that can play up and down the line up.



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On 2/1/2020 at 7:09 AM, IBatch said:

Yep me too.  He will be bridged 2.75-3.25 two years until we have more money - still that's a big raise and the money has to come from somewhere...Schaller will pay for his ... who's paying for Tanev (3-4 year deal for sure from someone) or Markstrom (4-5 from someone too)....

Well kind of early to say either way about JV, I think a lot depends on if he makes 20 goals this year, which is looking like a easy mark to hit now the way he's playing but I bet he hits 3.5 mil for another 2-3 plus yrs but highly unlikely he sticks around for any less... will he do a hometown discount? One would hope so but all we can do is speculate in the meantime but a lot of our future depends on a cap increase or not, and how much.

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If I had to pick, I would say Tanev due to age, injury history, and the fact he is having his best season ever and may be offered more elsewhere despite those factors.


All three would be hard to replace. I feel we need Jake's speed and size, we need Markstrom's goaltending and I don't believe many are convinced Demko is ready for #1 duty yet, and we would need to try to sign or acquire a talented shutdown guy as we don't have anyone else near Tanev's ability to fill that role.


Expansion draft aside, I do feel Benning wants to re-sign all 3 and I feel he probably will find a way to make it happen. Even if we have to make some tough decisions on giving away assets in order to free up cap, it -should- be possible. It obviously starts with letting Schaller walk. Re-signing Leivo could be challenging. We would still need another 2-3 million which could be had by moving one of Sutter, Beagle, or Eriksson. You have to think that even if we had to sweeten the deal, there should be a way to make that happen.


I would also like to see us move Stecher before the deadline. While he is a solid player, I think one of our other guys like trying our Rafferty or OJ could be in the cards, or even just playing Benn for the remainder of the season.


Bottom line: The situation is fluid and dynamic. Many things could happen to alleviate the pinch and I am confident Benning has a few ideas up his sleeve.


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