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George Nicolau passed away

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Arrow 1983

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I just came across this


He worked with all the Major league sports including NHL and NHLPA so it is slightly Hockey based


Any one that works in sports arbitration, or sport contracts knows who he was. Read the Article he lived a very interesting live.







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3 hours ago, ReggieBush said:

Do you work in arbitration? @Arrow 1983

Yes I work in contract law and the firm I work for is often asked to give opinions on arbitrations, when we deal with sport issues we cite Nicolau often, this guy truly influenced the business and legal side of sports.

He gave Hockey the principals and guidelines for average league salaries 

When he made his ruling on this issue in 1995, the NHL now follows these rules, and are the bases of NHL cap system, you could almost say he gave the NHL the cap era.

He is mentioned in th NHL CBA in the definition section under Average league salaries



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