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[Proposal] Mental Exercise: Boeser for Brady Tkachuk

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2 hours ago, Warhippy said:

Boeser has 45 points in 53 games.


On a year many state is a down year for him.


To be honest.  I'd actually seriously consider doing it IF the math worked out for the Canucks.  You don't trade a 22 year old near PPG right winger for a prospect who hasn't broken 50 points.  If nothing else because watching Tkachuk vs Tkachuk 5 times a year would be awesome.  And Brady kind of represents that grittier hard nosed winger we need

We have Hoglander incoming we dont need less goals right now. As you say thats BB's production on an off year 

what about when hes on?

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I was actually thinking about this yesterday. Couldn't decide if I would do it, but I love Brady Tkachuk. (one my fav non-Canucks)


Boeser is a better offensive player, but if you think Brady can come close to equaling his production playing with a guy like Pettersson or Horvat then I guess the answer is yes. Brady's a beast, I'd give alot for him to be on this team.

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2 hours ago, Coconuts said:

He'd be a pain to play in the playoffs, certainly. I'm not a fan of having your top guys as fighters though, I want them on the ice producing not in the box or with the mitts off risking injury. If fighting is needed I'd rather have role players do it.


I don't have a problem with guys sticking up for themselves or each other, but those who play on the edge and aren't willing to back it up are turtles like Marchand or Brady's brother. Play that way and you'll inevitably have to answer the bell, and there's risk that comes with that. I understand the appeal, but I prefer the straight scorer trying to round out his game. 

its not so much fighting as just a very physical player. But yeah the last thing we need is brother :lol: sorry Brady. 

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2 hours ago, Dixon Ward said:

I think it is kind of sad how little loyalty we have for Boeser.  He is a top 10 right winger even with his slump.  Those are hard to find.  When his swagger comes back, top 5.  We all just seem to love trades more than our team and our great players.

I don't think there's that many people who really want to see a trade. These posts can help to build appreciation for your teams players as well, its just floating a balloon, no biggie. 

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