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Keeper Opinions?

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I'm in an 11 team 5 keeper roto league, counting G/A/P/PPP/Pims/Hits/Blocks for skaters, W/GAA/SV%/SO for goalies. I'm in first right now and have been bouncing between 1st and 2nd most of the season primarily due to hot/cold streaks from my goalies (it's a tight race in the goalie stats department). I'm very happy with my team, but I'm currently rostering 7 very strong keeper options and I think it might be worth trading one or two of them for some draft capital to one of the teams who are short on keepers before the trade deadline, since I'm gonna lose one at the end of the year anyway. Problem is, I can't decide which ones to dangle. The guys in question are:




Matthew Tkachuk






This is the first year I've played in a league more complex than points + goalie wins/shutouts, so I'm not sure how much to value goalie stats versus skater stats, or how to value top-end defensemen versus top-end forwards. Any opinions would be appreciated!


Also, if it matters: we run 3 centers, 5 wingers, 4 d-men, 4 goalies.

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I really like Pacioretty but I do agree with MM on that, it is peak and odds of staying in the same exact peak condition are slim. 

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