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[Trade] Kings trade Jack Campbell, Kyle Clifford to Maple Leafs for Trevor Moore, 2020 3rd-round pick, conditional 2021 3rd-round pick

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Smart move by Toronto, should have happened a month ago. Lol. Still lack a defensive anchor, but at least they added some toughness and a goalie worth a damn at the NHL level. I am curious about the condition on the second 3rd rounder. Does LA only get it if Toronto makes the playoffs? If so it ain't lookin' too likely.


Edit: Does Toronto value their own 3rd rounder this season more than Columbus'? Makes you wonder why :bigblush: Never mind they don't have their own 3rd. Didn't realize they traded everything but the kitchen sink.

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3 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

They need a defenseman capable of playing defense at the NHL level not named Muzzin.  

True.  They also need that.  They have no cap so they would have to let one if their wingers go which is the right move for them.  Personally I hope they don’t and they miss the playoffs.

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9 minutes ago, rypien=hero said:

Can’t even imagine how he’s feeling rn, had a real chance to make a run starting tonight. Horribly failed to the point your team makes a trade to replace you over night. Gotta feel for the guy lol

To make it worse Keefer mentioned in his presser that they needed a save in the third but couldn't get one haha

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