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[GDT] Flames @ Canucks | 02.08.2020 - 7:00PM PST - CBC | Tkachuk the Mutant NHL Turtle

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Brad Marchand

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Hope Bailey draws into this one and gets a chance, I think Benn on the back end will give us some much needed toughness. Every game from here on is important but especially this one, at home against a division rival after a 3 game losing streak.


Need to get up for this one, I hope our leadership team really stress the importance of this game 


3-1 Canucks

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33 minutes ago, VforVirtanen said:

First live home game in 20 years. Please please please play well Canucks! 

enjoy the game V


6 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

I'm going to the game on Wednesday....our team needs us.

One day I hope to hear that cowbell  on tv -  it's gonna be a great week for Canuck fans

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there's no doubt this is a big game. Hopefully the players have been able to rest up after a long trip.

These four points tonight are huge for both teams. If we win this game we move 7 points up on the Lames with 25 games left. That's not putting us completely out of reach but it is very difficult to make up that many points in a league where the three point game exists.

Hopefully Petey plays and is effective.

Not sure who is starting but you could argue for either goalie. Marky had a bad start to last game but turned it around. Demko has been lights out at home.

Need BO to show up in this game. Big time.

Love to see us beat Calgary. It always feels so good. GCG

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7 hours ago, deus.ex.makina said:

Tanner Pearson - Bo Horvat - Loui Eriksson


so still no second line. 

This is what bothers me. This line is used as the top shut down line yet we are paying defense specialists(Beagle, Schaller, Sutter) millions of dollars to do what? PK specialists? 

TG is treating this team like a "finished product" and less development of the young core. I remember the days of the top players on the team being key PK guys(Yzerman,Lidstrom,Bure,Linden) and at the very least, young players should be given the chance to try out. 

Case in point: Virtanen, who is a quick skater, good checker and is good along the boards and can produce both 5 on5 and on the PP. So how does TG utilize this young talent? Well he puts him on the 3rd line and on the second PP and no PK time. Yes he once was put on the top line, produced, then was sent back to the 3rd line while the much more talented, more valuable LE is permanently put into the top 6. How does that make sense? 

Is TG too afraid to try out the young talent for fear of his job? Are we going for the Cup this year? 

Remember when he was reluctant to put Hughes on the #1 PP earlier in the year? How does that look now? He was reluctant to take out his veteran Elder off that Unit. 

I expressed the idea of reducing the third and fourth lines minutes and balance the lines out more but some CDCer's thought this was ludicrous.

No way should LE be getting top minutes while our more talented younger core players get "Beagle/Schaller" minutes. Throw Jake and Gaud(and other rookies) in their and see what they can do and stop worrying about losing your job TG.


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