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What are YOUR top 5 memories as a Canucks fan?

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As a lot of you probably know, leading up to the Sedin Week Daniel & Henrik Sedin have been sharing their top 5 memories with the Canucks. I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask CDC members what their top 5 memories as a Canucks fan are! Let's get started!


My top 5: 

5. A Canucks vs. Flames game in 2010. Daniel Sedin scored a between-the-legs hat trick goal in a big Canucks win.

4. Bieksa sending Canucks to the 2011 finals. A popular choice.

3. Burrows slaying the dragon. Another very popular choice.

2. The Sedins final home game. It was the best game I've ever watched. Perfect end to the Sedins home career.
1. Finally attending my first ever Canucks game in 2015. It was so surreal, I'll never forget it. It was something I had always wanted to do, and I finally got the chance to. I don't live in Vancouver so there aren't many opportunities to go.



If I think of any better moments I'll edit them in, this is just off the top of my head. I look forward to seeing your moments!

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1) Bure scoring that OT series winner in 94 vs Calgary.

 2) The Bieksa winner, sending us to the Finals.

 3) The Burrows OT winner against Chicago rd1 in 2011.

 4) Elias Petterson’s First goal last year.

 5) my first live game ( I think my first trip down south since I’d moved) in about 97, seeing mogilny and Bure live as a teen vs the devils.


runners up


Luongo trade




Rypien hammering on cam janssen on New Year’s Eve. One of the most beauty fights I’d ever seen.


 The “Steve Moore Game” I liked the pushback that the Canucks had in showing that they wouldn’t let some plug destroy their captain.... unfortunately this incident forever changed hockey culture and we haven’t really seen true team toughness ever since. 



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My top five.


1. Canucks being granted an NHL franchise to begin play in 1970......the city was just electric.

2. Trevor Linden's performance in the 1994 finals.

3. Pavel Bure's debut performance.

4. Ryan Kesler's performance against Nashville in the 2011 playoff series.

5. Richard Brodeur taking the Canucks to the 1982 Stanley Cup finals.


Honorable mention to Burrows and slaying the dragon.

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5. Demko’s first game vs Columbus. It was the first game I’d been to live in 17 years. Thrilling action, Edler with the OT winner.

4. Burrows OT Winner against Boston. Lost my freaking mind when that happened.

3. The Sedins last game. I shed tears that day. 

2. Bieksa’s goal off the stanchion. 16 year old me woke up half the neighbourhood after that goal.

1. Burrows slaying the dragon. Need I saw more.



- The 5-2 Spanking we laid on Calgary in their own barn this season. I was at the game, and easily it was the best game I’ve ever seen Vancouver play live. 

- 2007 Game 7 vs the Stars. I was too young to remember much from 2003, so this was the first real time I ever saw Vancouver win a playoff series.

-The Flames coming out to shake Trev’s hand on his last game. Classy move.

- Sweeping St. Louis in 09. Watching it happen was beautiful. 

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Of course limited to ones that happened while I've been a fan


HM: Mitchell hit on Toews

5. Luongo's save on Ben Eager in 2009 playoffs

4. Burrows' first game back in Vancouver--I was in attendance

3. The Sedins' last home game against Arizona

2. Juice scoring the Game 5 OT winner in the WCF

1. Burrows slaying the Dragon

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1)  dennis kearns fighting and then tossing me a puck later ( 1st memory of the canucks)

2) being at bure's first game , I was blown away by bure that didn't even know I was sitting besides doug flutie for 2 periods 

3 ) the 94 run  so many great moments cant pick one 

4) 82 run   waving the towel

5) 2011 run 


hm) gino going wild against the blues , 

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In no order, cause it all blends together at this point


First Bure game. knowing we had a gem, I was so excited..

When Luongo Trade was announced (to our team lol)..,.was beside myself..

Both SC finals series. All the games leading up to it were exciting.

Burrows dragon slayer- we were losing our minds..

And now, seeing we finally have a franchise Dman Quin Hughes,. First time in team history. I could tell he could be great after his first game , and so far not disappointing.

Elias Peterson in there also for current excitement..


Pretty excited for our current team, Could be more consistent, but I like the team when we are playing well.

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Burrows game 7 OT goal vs the Hawks

Burrows OT goal in game 2 of the finals vs the Bruins

Lappiere's GWG in game 5 of the Finals to give us a 3-2 series lead!! (i like to pretend game 6 and 7 didn't happen) 

Daniel Sedin between the legs goal on Kiprusoft and i believe Henrik got enough points that game to win the Hart.

Raffi Torres being a beast all playoff run. 

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1. Burrows slays the dragon.

2. Beating the sharks and moving on.

3. Cookes goal in the Calgary series with Jovo in the box freaking out.

4. When we had the West Coast Express and we beat STL after being down 3 games.

5. Watching guys like Rick Rypien, and Tryamkin.

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1) Burrows slaying the dragon, no doubt. Absolutely magical moment.

2) Luongo 72-save performance in 2007 playoffs v. Dallas. Stayed up till 1 A.M. watching that game as an eighth grader. 

3) Beating the Sharks in 2011.

4) Pettersson's first goal

5) The Sedins' retirement game


HM: Luongo winning gold in Vancouver in 2010. 

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i loved the determination of orland kurtenbach; the desire of stan smyl, if he couldn’t go around someone, he went through them; the magic passing and PP QB’ing of paul reinhart; the leadership of trevor linden and the cycle game of the sedins. h.m. the calls of jim robson. so much more as well.

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Wow narrowing it down to 5 is really hard in 50 years.

1 Bures Game 7 winner in 94( Calgary)

2 Burrows Game 7 winner in 2011( Chicago)

3 Game 6 in Vancouver against the Rangers in 1994

4 Bures first game

5 the 82 run and Brodeurs heroics, love the fan greeting when they came home, you'd think we wont the cup


Honorable mentions to

Quinn laying out Orr,

Greg Adams goals in OT in 1994;Toronto and game 1 of the finals.

Peca laying out Selanne at center ice, man best hit ever in a Canuck uniform.

Henrik and Daniel the shift.

Patrik Sundstroms 7 point game in Pittsburgh,

Mcleans pad stack against Reichel in 94

Jim Nills OT winner against Chicago in 82

Suitcase Smith carrying the puck to center ice as a goalie.

Tiger Williams riding his stick in Toronto

Courtnall, Lindens goals before Bures game 7 OT winner in 94

Bure and Courtnall destroying the Blues Power play short handed

Henrik and Daniels last game

Keslers series against Nashville.2011

Bieksas goal against the Sharks 2011

Winning in San Jose in 2011 despite having all those penalties against us.Salo was awesome

Harold scoring the GWG against the Habs at home. Miss Snepts.

Jim Robson, Tom Larscheid, Howie Meeker,( back it up, back it up, lol ) Brian McFarlane, Bill Good Jr, Babe Pratt in those old Hockey night in Canada baby blue jackets Bernie Pascall also calling games on BCTV.

So many memories i Know i have missed a few but could go on all day

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1) Pavel Bure being drafted and the City of Vancouver going absolutely WILD. They even had a song about him on the radio <--


2) Trevor Linden body checking Jeff Norton right through the board glass. For some reason this sticks out to me at the time cause it was so badass <--


3) Gino Odjick fights the entire blues team. No explanation necessary <--


4) Alex Burrows slaying the Dragon <--


5) The Sedin retirement game. Tears were shed and smiles were shared in the last game against the Oilers <--

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1. Burrows slaying the dragon

2. Matt Cooke scoring while Jovo was in the penalty box

3. Druken scoring to send the Canucks into the playoffs for the first time in a billion years

4. "The Shift"

5. Bieksa OT winner


HM: The twin between the legs goal by the Sedins; Being like 6 years old and waiting every month for the "Pavel Bure Fanclub" newsletter (I don't think I quite understood how mail/months worked at the time, so I would basically be checking the mail every day of every month to see if it arrived); The Dallas OT game (high school with friends watching until the middle of the night). 


Edit: My first time seeing a Canucks' playoff game. Home opener against St. Louis. They got dominated like 6-0, but the sheer noise of the crowd before the start of the game is something I'll never forget.

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