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What are YOUR top 5 memories as a Canucks fan?

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Off the top of my head...


1) Burrows slays the dragon.

2) The game against Calgary where Henrik pretty much clinched the Art Ross and Daniel scored that crazy between-the-legs goal.

3) Petey's first goal.

4) Hank's quadruple overtime goal against Dallas. 

5) Daniel scoring the game winner in OT in the Sedins final home game ever. 

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In no particular order:


- Matt Cooke scores to send game 7 to overtime vs Calgary (I hit my head SO hard while celebrating :lol:


- Burrows slays the dragon 


- Bieksa scores against SJ to send us to the SCF


- Canucks trade for Luongo


- D. Sedin scores between the legs against Cgy


Ah shoot I cant stop at 5


- most Donald Brashear fights


- Backup Bob's amazing run (BOB-EE BOB-EE)


- Being at the game the first time we ever did the TUUURCO... YOU SUCK chant


- The return of T Linden


- That time Naslund did the triple deke 



Ok Ill stop

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1. 1994 Cup Final

2. 2011 Cup Final

3. The we traded for Luongo.

4. 1999 draft.

5. The Burrows goal that slayed the dragon.



Bure anything

One-punch JovoCop

The Linden trade

Odjick brawls



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