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2 Dramatic Scenarios..Which Do U Pick?

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On 2/9/2020 at 11:08 PM, yes we can nucks said:

Can I have what you're drinking or smoking...or both?!

No! Their mine! 


 S4... We actually win the cup..

Seriously, if other teams we met on the SC road have injuries and we don't? Who knows...

(Meh, it never happens in Vancouver) like winning the draft lottery but we pulled off Podz who should have been 3rd overall had it not been circumstances that put him down to us. 



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7 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Trade it to Ottawa for the #3 or 4 OA pick. Maybe they add a sweet prospect, then take some junk contracts off our hands? They need like 25 mill to reach the floor, or something ludicrous...

Haven't followed the prospects eligible for the next draft to closely, however this would be a nice little idea.

Get rid of the Eriksson contract, and we'll be laughing all the way. Surely Benning and superstar scout Brackett, could find us the player of the draft at 3rd or 4th over all... total win/win... and yet I'd still prefer to win the cup, or at least go all the way to the finals.

Should be possible to make some decent trades afterwards, should this happen.

Wonder how management/owners feel? Without the revenue of fans in the stands, would a high draft be of more value to them and the future of the franchise?

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17 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Trade it to Ottawa for the #3 or 4 OA pick. Maybe they add a sweet prospect, then take some junk contracts off our hands? They need like 25 mill to reach the floor, or something ludicrous...

Tierney would be a better add. 85 points in last 152 games on a crap Ottawa team playing a defensive role. He is only like 2 years older than Gaud(24 in October) and is already capable of being a 40-50 point great defensive 3rd line C who's good on the draws. He's an RFA this off-season too so we can sign him long term. Former London Knight and Horvat teammate. They take back Eriksson. Also try to nab a late 1st/2nd since they have 7 picks in the first 2 rounds.


Tierney is on a Kadri caliber but is a bit worse offensive but better defensively. Pretty much a 2nd line C. Would be valuable to have in case Horvat/Miller/Petey get hurt since he could step up and be a good top 6 C.


It would give us center depth of Horvat/Petey/Tierney for 5+ years. Tierney also has a lot of playoff experience(including a SC finals appearance) even though he is just entering his prime(turns 26 in July).


Would grant us the option to trade a winger for a D eventually since Gaud would become a winger.


Top 9 next year


Miller-Petey-Boeser PPG each

Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli 50-60 points each

Virtanen-Tierney-Gaud 40-50 points each



That'd be a lot of offense. Tierney's line wouldn't need to be sheltered. He's pretty good defensively and he's a passer too so he'd go great with Gaud/Virtanen.

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On 2/9/2020 at 3:11 PM, Nuxfanabroad said:

A strange hobby, but I like to ponder these crazy things. Two unlikely sequences to wind up this campaign, which one is more palatable?


S1 - The wheels fall off. We get a number of injuries reducing key guys from the lineup. Nothing major(complete recovery for all), just misfortunes that'll place guys on IR from 2-6 wks. Slide down the standings, & all of Canada laughs at us. Finish 13th last..basically no-man's-land in the rebuild-realm. But then..lo & behold, we FINALLY WIN the F***ing Lotto(2% chance..or whatever it is?) Woo-hoo!!! Here we sit, with the 1st overall pick in our pocket. 99% of Canada is now insanely jealous :^)


S2 - In a spring of PO-upsets, we go on a wild, highly unlikely run. Finish in the 2-slot, hosting Cowtown. Smoke 'em in 5! Then Edmunchuk, who banished the 1st pl. Lost Vegans(they & Winterpeg are WC's). Bounce'em in 6. Unbelievably the Jets emerge from Central, but are beaten up. Still we outlast them in a 7 game, epic thriller. Game 7 OT, Miller from EP & Hughes, in what experts are calling one of the most beautiful OT winners, to ever finish a series.


There it is, a Cdn-sweep, all the way to the Finals. We overcome adversity too, with 7 or 8 injuries along the way, we rely heavily on youth/depth on our valiant run. Ironically(for once) almost all of Canada(save bitter Hogtown) fall in love, cheering for our gritty, exuberant cast. Bo, Miller & EP shine, all over 30 pts, after all 4 rds. Jake snipes 14, & OJ is called up & fares brilliantly. Looking like a perfect match with Myers for the coming yrs. On 'tending, both our guys are excellent. With some injuries, they shine & split the wins.


The Finals our luck runs dry..although it to is an epic gem. All 6 games go to OT. Their team is perfectly healthy, with brilliant 'tending. Who?..Torts' Jackets..that's who. The small market darling becomes the talk of the league. Green & Torts shake hands after, with honour for both. All NHL cities agree this was a brilliant series, played hard & fair; both sides completely earning the others' begrudging respect.


13 home dates..so lots of loot in our pocket. Our cast is higher in demand, so we can easily deal off extra parts at the draft, & be very cap-compliant. We pkg TD & Gaud for a 12th overall pick. Life goes on with complete optimism for 2020-21


That's all folks..no adjustments please. Which would you prefer?

A cup loss would be better than winning the lottery.



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I'd go with option 2, add in drafting two or 3 amazing defensive prospects who go in the 2nd - 3rd rounds after we manage to move a Baer, Pearson, Stecher, Ferland or Sutter type out. 

The boys wanna go to the show, light up that Marky, alien, flow, millervat fire in the quiniverse and unleash the amped tannen.

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On 2/24/2020 at 3:46 PM, EmilyM said:

Lottery win would be great, but that doesn't guarantee us any team success.

2 means we are Cup contenders with a young core. 2 means we are already knocking on the door of the ultimate prize. If we are Stanley Cup finalists with our current roster, imagine what we look like when Hughes and Petey mature.

Lol how does knocking off bad/mediocre team in Minnesota all of a sudden makes you a contender knocking on the door? Minnesota is a mediocre old team with no top end talent and traded away one of their best player in zucker... 

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Nothing beats playoff experience, we have none, we are not a #1 pick away from a cup, we’re a heck of a lot a maturing from one.


This is why I’m so pissed we still have Green, every year we miss the playoffs we burn a year of potential our core could have had, there has been no growth.

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