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[Report] Connor McDavid out 2-3 weeks

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47 minutes ago, Monty said:


Is the “challenge” to win another 1st overall pick? If so, yeah, they can “rise” to that.

don't be like that

they just signed kassian to a new contract

he will carry the 1st line in mcdavid's absence

he'll get to show me and everyone else who has doubted him

how underestimated he has been

mcdavid will have to work hard on his return

to make it back onto kassian's line

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Draisaitl is no Malkin and depends on Connor to give him the puck so it doesn't look good for the Oilers,McDavid almost had him career ended just a few game ago by that dirty Mark Giordano WHEN HE STUCK OUT HIS LEG AND WENT KNEE ON KNEE.

The same dirty play(any fool can crosscheck and trip people) that took Connor into the net to mess up his knee in the first place.Not even so much as a penalty on the play,Matthew Tkachuk taking runs at Kassian not even a penalty on those charging hits.

Also DOPS is not looking after the stars in this league so it is up to players to do the refs job for them and straighten out some players.


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That should end their challenge for division title.  Would expect they'll fall back into the wildcard battle, but could get back into the divisional three to finish the season.  We don't play them again so no direct advantage, but who else can step up?  Not much to look for in that regard.  Should now be us, Vegas, and Calgary, although Kuemper is nearing his return.

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2 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Kassian's numbers are gonna plummet.  Lucky for him he already signed his extension...

what do you mean?

he was carrying mcdavid

i expect a spike in kassian's production

now that he does not have to first ensure mcdavid gets his points


kassian is a true 1st line driver

it is now his time

i hope he lets mcdavid play with him again

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