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Coronavirus reportedly spreading to North Korea

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3 hours ago, Dazzle said:

Nah. The karma is more specifically referring to the government of Xi Jinping, who has made himself basically dictator for life (there is no usual end to his rule). I have speculated (hence, this is IMO) that this has ended up with very bad juju. He's now inherited these messes.

While you are correct that the population are harmed by the crises (HK riots, corona virus, etc etc), these incidents reflect poorly on the government, both internationally and internally. China has tried to control the spread of information from the outset, and now looks extremely incompetent in dealing with the corona virus. Not to mention, the corruption that has taken place throughout this time (i.e. officials pocketing supplies that weren't destined for them). The infrastructure (or safety net) that the people supposedly relied on is not there. In other words, the loyalty of the people are being tested. The government has been using propaganda throughout this period and people are not really buying it. When it comes to life or death, no ideology matters. Only the ideology that allows them to live.

The problem I think is the use of the word "karma" itself, which colloquially has come to be known as something that is a distortion of the original etymology of the phrase. The meaning of karma is that the actions that you commit in this lifetime will have an impression on your future rebirths. Karma as it is referred to now does not exist. Regardless of what disaster occurs it is the oppressed that pay the highest price. While I am sure the government elite will have some repercussions on their hand, (this is just conjecture on my part) but it will be akin to a stock market collapse. They will come out of it on the other side perhaps not unscathed but they will survive. The poor, the vulnerable will be decimated due to their inability to access quality healthcare. Seems like the one part of the human existence that has stayed consistent since our inception, it is always the weakest of the lot that suffers the most.

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On 2/16/2020 at 8:29 AM, HI5 said:

Lol, only hoes with tramp stamps believe in karma.

Are they named Karen as well?


Serious question, have any non-Asian people died from the virus yet? Is it possible this could be one of those "tailor-made" designer viruses scientists were worried about 20 years ago?

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