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Best in the NHL

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Just a random thread on a low-key Friday at work. Post below who you think are the best in the NHL in the following categories:


  • Forward:
  • Defenseman:
  • Goalie:


  • Skater:
  • Shot:
  • Hitter:
  • Passer:
  • Fighter:
  • Leader:
  • Hands:


For me:

  • Forward: McDavid
  • Defenseman: Carlson
  • Goalie: Vasilevskiy


  • Skater: McDavid
  • Two Way: Kucherov
  • Shot: Ovechkin
  • Hitter: Reaves
  • Passer: Crosby
  • Fighter: Reaves
  • Leader: Crosby
  • Hands: Kane
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I think I would agree with most of your selections - though I would mention I think if we see Tryamkin back in the NHL he may very likely become the best hitter.


I also don't think Crosby is the best passer. I would probably pick one of Backstrom or Thornton.

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32 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:
  • Forward: Petterson
  • Defenseman: Hughes
  • Goalie: Markstrom


  • Skater: Hughes
  • Shot: Pettersson
  • Hitter: Virtanen
  • Passer: Petterson/Hughes/Miller
  • Fighter: Gaudette
  • Leader: Markstrom
  • Hands: Petterson/Hughes


such a homer :lol:

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