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[Proposal] Go get leadership + Grit for Playoff Run

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1) We have all acknowledged that the pacific division is much weaker compared to the past. This is one of the few chances we have while we basically have Petey and Hughes for free.

2) There is a path this year that if we make the right additions at the deadline we could see ourselves in the WCF. Once your that far, anything can happen. 


Trade #1


SJS - Troy Stecher(RFA), 3rd round pick

VAN - Brenden Dillon (UFA)


Why Van does this deal:


1) Dillon is 6'4 225 with plenty of playoff experience with SJ. A veteran leader that will play a big role in the playoffs for us. Fits the role on the bottom pair in the playoffs more than Stecher.

2) Stecher is an RFA and will want a raise on his current 2.3 million per year. Likely to earn 3+ million that is too rich for us, especially with his size. There is only room for one 5'10 d-man on our back end and that is Quinn Hughes.

3) Has nothing to do with play but he is from BC. Could help us potentially resign him depending on his ask. Doubt it tho. Looks like his current contract is 3.2 million AAV but makes 3.9 million this season.


Why SJS does this deal:

1) Clearly out of the playoffs, will be looking to deal any UFA's with value. My Guess is they want a piece back. After being in the WCF last year I doubt they are going into a full rebuild. 

2) Stecher has shown he can play in your top 4 when there is injuries and is a solid 5 or 6. He is 4 years younger than Dillon and would be cheaper. He is an RFA so they have control of the player, unlike Dillon who can walk for nothing. 

3) Really comes down to whether they feel they can resign the player or not (Dillon)




Trade # 2 


NJD - Sven Baertschi, Will Lockwood, 4th round pick

VAN - Wayne Simmonds


Why Van does it:


1) With Ferland not coming back this season we need a physical presence with experience. We all know Simmonds isn't the player the once was. But he still is an NHL player. He has tons of playoff experience like Dillon and will help the team through the grind. 

2) Dumping Baertschi's contract



Why NJD Does it:


1) Sven is a buy low option. Has 3.3 left for 1 year after this. If the experiment doesn't go well then its 1 year bury him in the minors. 

2) They get a prospect in Lockwood (nothing special) and a 4th round pick. Simmonds value isn't what it used to be so they should be happy with this deal and the gamble on Baertschi.




We add two vets that will help guide our young players through the battle. They aren't superstars but they have character and fight, and that goes along way. We don't want to sacrifice important prospects coming to acquire a rental.  Madden, Lind, Rathbone, Juolevi, Hoglander and Podkolzin are legit NHL prospect that will play important roles when our team has its best chance to win. This is about trying to get the right mix of players because the Pacific is so bad this year. I'd go NHL20 and trade Sutter and Eriksson but those deals most likely happen in the offseason. 






J.T Miller - Elias Petterson - Jake Virtanen 

Tanner Pearson - Bo Horvat - Brock Boeser

Antoine Roussel - Adam Gaudette - Wayne Simmonds

Tyler Motte - Jay Beagle - Brandon Sutter


13th forward - Zack MacEwen/Josh Leivo

15th Forward Loui Eriksson




Alex Edler - Chris Tanev 

Quinn Hughes - Brenden Dillion  ( To protect him in the playoffs )

Nikita Tryamkin - Tyler Myers 


7th Defencemen - Oscar Fantenberg ( If Tryamkin for some reason isn't playing well, which I doubt )





Jacob Markstrom

Thatcher Demko




 See if you could get anything for Jordie Benn or Tim Schaller (I know Schaller has no value just send him to Utica) 











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Well presented, realistic & solid deals.


skeptic's take:


SJ: First, doubt they'd like to help out an old rival. Secondly, suspect they'll receive stronger offers, esp with the current increase in injuries around league.

NJ: For taking the Baer dump, I'd imagine they'd want a better prospect than Lockwood(Likely Lind, Woo type)..but who knows w/these things? Suspect #2 is easier to swing than #1.


For our trajectory/objectives, would say these are nice work. If I were HockeyGaud for a day, would push the button on both!

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Good proposals. 


#1 I think we saw with Gud we don't want our D spending considerable time in the box Dillon is 2nd in the league in defensive pim only to Erik at this time. I'm sure the rest of our D corps would rather keep Stetcher. Just my $.02


#2 Git err dunnnn JB. I think we might have to add here but not much. Simmonds is a guy I think there will be several teams interested in at the deadline.


Honestly I'm not overly concerned with truculence we have a heavy team only 3 fwds under 200lbs I think some of our players just need to reach down and find their balls. It might be a good team building excercize this year to see what happens when these kids are challenged give a kid a fish vs teach a kid to fish scenario. 

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Just saw this quote from Auston, pull my pants down, Matthews about missing toughness for the last two seasons.  IMO we have that toughness already in Big Mac, but he could use some help.  

newly-acquired winger Kyle Clifford dropped the gloves with Jamie Oleksiak in the second period of Toronto's loss to Dallas on Thursday night. The fight seemed to spark the Leafs, who were trailing 2-0 at the time inside a quiet Scotiabank Arena. "That's when we got the momentum back on our side," said Auston Matthews. "That's something we've missed here the last couple years. He's made an impact."”

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I'm on board for both trades if it gets it done, but not any more. From our perspective, we draft so well that even our mid-rounders often hit. I'd hate to give those picks up, but I feel these trades do improve our team.


The comment about Dillon's PIM is a good one... he is on pace this season for a huge increase over prior years. He would probably have to be controlled a little better, but I think Green is good for getting guys to buy in to the way he wants them to play.


The thing about Dillon (and I made damn near the same proposal a month ago for this reason) is that he is actually a really good defensive player if you look at his corsi. This gives us another option not named Tanev to play a defensive game. On the event we DO lose Tanev to free agency, he would at least go a long ways to picking up that slack.


Then of course there is his size and his hitting. We would basically be giving up a little scoring in Stecher to get a lot more size and tenacity, with what I believe is higher defensive prowess. And considering I imagine Stecher is gone anyway, it's really only that pick. Money well spent imo.

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I think SJS is going to get a lot for Dillon, so I'd be tempted to just give Stecher + Baertschi for Dillon and perhaps a 3rd rounder if they want to sweeten it up a bit. Stecher has been solid for us though and I've seen Dillon make some stupid mistakes this season, but his toughness would be great on this team. Benn is the only defenceman throwing hits lately and while I'm sure this will change in the playoffs, it would be nice to have a bruiser in a top-4.

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