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Vote Tyler Madden for Hobey Baker

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2 hours ago, KeslerWho? said:

Do we still vote?? 

His play is his play, regardless of what team owns his rights. If you think his play warrants a vote, go for it. Lol. I am not voting cause I dunno how each player is playing. And I try not vote cause "Canuck" unless it's something dumb like an All Star Game. So if you were only gonna vote cause he was a Canuck you already know the answer. 

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So, I don't vote for Qweens!!


Just kidding, but no, I won't vote for an LA king.  


Good luck Madden, now I won't scratching my head about where to slot you into the lineup next year.  


Also, RIP future, yet unfulfilled pages and pages of angst on the CDC about whether you would sign at the end of this year or not.  Sigh, what could have been.  

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