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[PGT] Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 16, 2020

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4 minutes ago, DontFockWithBrock said:

Welp, my winning streak is over. 8-1 while at the games this season. It was fun while it lasted. I'm sad. 


I'm blame the white jerseys though because I'm obviously the lucky charm. 

Gotta start a new one!

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1 minute ago, oldnews said:

he got run - hit high, primarily from behind (not quite the Kane suspension hit, but borderline)....

Told that p.o.s. Chris Lee what he thought of if - the itchy little trigger threw his arm up. 

pathetic.  typical case of a zebra acting like the game is about him .  signature Chris Lee.

It was a selfish, and not st all ready to compete, play by Stecher.  He needs to shut his mouth, and not whine.  Throw down the mitts and fight the guy if you don’t like the hit.  Or use your stick and carve him later.  IMO any meanness our players might have is coached out of them.  Our philosophy is way too passive.  

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Aside from Hughes and Petey, that was a pathetic showing by the entire team and coaching staff.


three days off and a bottom feeder to feast on who just got shellacked by the Lames 6-0 last game and we played with no urgency. what a way to end Sedin week... 









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Demko - I'm sorry, i know the defence was terrible tonight, but he was no better. out of position, scrambling all over the place and was shaky overall. on the 3rd goal i believe he stood all the way up and just couldn't get in position in time leaving the net wide open. As a result, I thought the team played shaky in front of him as well.



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