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Jim Benning Press Conference [Toffoli add, Boeser, Levio injuries]

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On 2/19/2020 at 4:45 PM, Alflives said:

Baer is a cap dump, Chatfield has no value.  It would cost us a second round pick and a good prospect for any team to take Baer.

If JB trades fir Simmonds we are not going to be at all happy with the cost.  

A second round pick and a good prospect for any team to take Baer??

He is not Loui Eriksson.. he only has 1 more year left and his cap is only

2.2 (when in the AHL) ... plus there is still the chance that he could actually

play in the NHL for a while and his concussion issues seem to be gone


Also Simmonds is no Toffoli. I don't think his value is that high

But I agree we should not give up more to get Simmonds, rather keep going

with what we have but if we could get Simmonds for a third, Chatfield and dump

Baertschi at the same time please do it!

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