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[Article] Will NHL Players Suit Up at 2022 Winter Games?

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Full Elliotte Friedman article: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-nhl-players-beijing-2022-winter-olympics/




Last week, the International Olympic Committee and the International Ice Hockey Federation threw a Trevor Bauer curveball into NHL/NHLPA haggling over the 2022 Beijing Games. According to a couple of sources, it was made clear there was a commitment to coverage of charters, hosting, hotels, etc. There were also opportunities presented for use of the Beijing Olympic logo and event highlights across NHL/NHLPA platforms, a breakthrough both wanted. The IOC is notoriously stingy about access for non-rightsholders. Think of a mother bear protecting her cub.

I posted this not too long ago, but here it is again:


Looks like they're finally being reasonable :gocan:

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50/50 Theres a chance China ponies up whatever the NHL demands are, insurance, travel expenses etc. to get the NHL players on board. The Summer games in Beijing, China as CGIed a lot of their fireworks display and edited some footage to make their event look like a spectacle the world hasn't seen. My point is China having the games, they want to have the best or LOOK like they have the best, so I would think they would try to get the NHL on board.


Unless of course if this corona virus stuff is still going on or another epidemic arises, Id give the olympics the bird

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NHL wants a huge cut of the revenue.

They know, we all know, that a hugely disproportionate interest in the entire winter games, when the NHL men are there, is in mostly only the hockey games.

There's untold branding and everything attached to each player, and they want to sell their wares to the global audience, you bet they do.


But not at the deal they are being given by the IOC and the TV carriers.


So Bettman is playing hardball. And probably keeps them out again. Unless the NHLers get their fair share.

All this business about it interrupts the season, etc, is laughable.


If the IOC comes knocking with a huge wad of cash, expect the tune to change completely, and we get to see a high intensity allstar tournament.

Something about competing for your country brings out insane levels of talent in guys.

We always learned something about certain NHLers in international hockey.

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I for one absolutely love to see our best players take on the other countries best players.

None of that goon hockey just the hockey that made me fall in love with this game in the first place,

fast, hard, skilled hockey.Just to show the world how good this game really is a wonderful opportunity and to show how great CANADA is.



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On 2/21/2020 at 6:11 AM, You Mad Bro? said:

Canada up the middle 






Every other country says ‘Yeaaaa F that’ 


the real reason they’re not going:gocan:

Yeah I suppose Bergeron could be a 4th line checking center lol. That is some crazy skill up the middle. 

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