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[PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 19, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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This is exactly what happens when Marky's not playing in God mode. We may have NHL offence but ECHL defence.


If we can't get the puck back in our zone, why not just play neutral zone trap like other teams? Can't be any worse than watching the other team's endless cycling and shooting at will.



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Just now, VancouverHabitant said:

My two key takeaways from the negative aspects of our team... 

1. Stecher and Benn are #7 d-men on good teams. 


2. Gaudette is really struggling on both ends of the ice.  He might be hitting a rookie wall, much like we saw with Elias last year.  Roussell and Virtanen aren't playing hard enough for him either, and that line is a major liability on the ice every single time they go over the boards.  


I know it sounds a little harsh, but I know that Gaudette will get better for next season.  We're really hoping to sneak into the playoffs and we need another year or even two before we can iron out all the little details on our roster.  Having said that, getting Tryamkin to join us this year would be a godsend, and Juolevi and Brisebois will be much welcomed if they can crack our lineup next year. 


Gaudettes line played more in the offensive zone than Horvat’s line, it’s the 2nd and 4th line that’s weighing the team down

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2 minutes ago, Outsiders said:

Sutter is so soft. Resign Toffoli and trade Butter. Want to get tougher Jimbo? Instead of trading Juolevi for Simmond try benching Sutter and playing MacEwen

You guys know where the Juolevi-Simmonds talk started? Freid speculated that one of the D prospects because we don't want to give up picks.


There's really no credibility to it.


Also Greener didn't get the message that JB sees Mac as a regular.

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4 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Something needs fixing if this team wants to be anything more than a punchline in the playoffs. 

Getting rid of Baumer would be a good start, Brown too. 


We've fired how many head coaches the last seven years? Surely Aqua can afford to turf a couple assistants. 


Unfortunately that won't happen during the season. Not at this point. 

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Why is it not a big deal we lost? This happy go luck aditude from the players kills me. You think we have a better chance of winning next game? It’s 2 wins in 8. They have no swagger. None. Zilch. They don’t have any leadership either. Who’s leading other than Miller. He should be captain.


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