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[Speculation] Canucks interested in Tyson Barrie


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Source: Bob Mckenzie:  https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/insider-trading-is-there-a-real-possibility-the-leafs-move-barrie~1905512


Toronto is willing to listen on Tyson Barrie.


Toronto wants assets that can help them now but may flip acquired picks/prospects to another team.


Toronto also wants a right hand D-man to play with Riley.  May or may not see Troy Stecher as a fit. 


If Vancouver did this deal they'd have zero chance to sign all of their UFAs so they would be helping the team for this year at the expense of the future.  However if Stecher is a part of a deal the argument can be made that he wouldn't have been re-signed anyways with a guy like Rafferty or Tryamkin stepping in. 

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Very interesting.

Benning's going to make a move, that's clear.

We have roughly $7mil in cap space atm.

Sounds like it's possible that Boeser returns before the playoffs.

So salary will either have to be retained or a contract will be heading back the other way.


If this is true, we're sending back a defenseman their way.

Stecher or Tanev?


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Maybe making use of our LTIR relief. If we added Barrie, when healthy, we'd effectively be something like $6 or $7M over the cap, and that's before re-signing guys like Marky, Gaudette, and Virtanen to a raise. Toffoli and Barrie will/would either be rentals themselves or force us to let other pieces go, effectuating the same thing.

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8 minutes ago, Tystick said:

I agree with others.

We're already taking a risk on Toffoli, even though I think odds are we sign him.

If we're going to give up assets, we should be trading for a young, quality defenseman already under contract.

Agreed, if were trading for another piece, that player needs to have some term.


Josh Manson kind of move

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I don't see why the Leafs would deal Barrie without something significant in return.  Rielly is probably out for the remainder of the season and they have been hit hard with injuries all through their line-up.  I like Stecher but I can't imagine they would expect him to replace Barrie.  Their D is thin enough even if everyone was healthy.


I'm not saying I would do this but Gaudette's name has been in the wind on Twitter and if that's the case, then maybe it's in relation to a Barrie deal.  It's one of the few things I could see getting the attention of the Leafs.  If I'm the Canucks though, then that's not something I would be interested in.

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