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Canucks set to make WCF?

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Will the Vancouver Canucks Make At Least the Western Conference Final this year?  

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In 50 years of this team, the Canucks have only made it past the second round 3 times. To think that "this year is one of those years" is comical. 


This team simply gives up too many shots and needs to work on their defense if they hope to make it that far. 


I will consider this season a success if they make the playoffs. Anything else is just a bonus as we are clearly not a contender this year. 

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7 minutes ago, Comeback_Kings said:

Why not, Canucks should be going for it this year.   upcoming trade deadline, Canucks should go for Sami Vatanen with a wayne simmonds plus a Max Domi out of Mtl.



maybe, what about a Koivu out of Minn?  my buddy and i talking potential trades tonight... thought i'd share.  fun to be a Canucks fan at the deadline ....YOUR DOING PRETTY GOOD BUT PLEASE DON'T SCREW IT ALL UP MR. BENNING.

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51 minutes ago, Comeback_Kings said:

....your doing really well, but please don't screw it all up mr. Benning and Canucks management!  

They won't.   Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, Benning has done an admirable job.  I questioned him and some of his moves early, but since Linden left, he's made some excellent moves plus he's been excellent in the draft.  

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18 hours ago, Sean83 said:

Playoffs are pretty much assured at this point, barring catastrophic injuries.

In September many of us said if they stayed healthy they could win the division.  That said, the playoffs are very far from a sure thing

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can we please stop putting the cart before the horse. There is far too much work to be done before we start talking about winning two or three rounds in the playoffs. Until they put an X beside the Canucks in the Standings we have no guarantee they will be in the playoffs. Stop with the over exaggeration of where we sit at this point. I am cautiously optimistic as well but not even close to anointing them Western conference finalists

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I enjoy looking at our stats. Pleased to see that we’ll have 6 players with 20+ goals this year. Feels like a lot after the struggles we have had for years now. Toffoli of course has goals with the Kings, but that list doesnt even include Boeser that is a 20-30 goal guy going forward. And Gaudette too who is gonna be close at the end of the year.

With what we have, going deep in the playoffs is possible, not easy, but a definite chance.










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This is the type of thread that will piss off the hockey gods and make us miss the playoffs altogether.   

Let’s actually make the playoffs before counting our chickens before they’ve hatched.   Vegas is still the deepest and most dangerous team in the Pacific, while the Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Jets, Wild, Preds, and Coyotes are all around the same level.    Any one of these teams can beat anyone.   

Getting into the playoffs and playing good hockey (regardless of the result), will be considered a good season for us.


PROGRESS.    That’s all that matters.

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On 2/22/2020 at 1:38 PM, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I could see us making the playoffs, but not making it past Round 1 or Round 2.

We have the best points percentage in our quarter bracket, therefore the odds on favourites of making it to the conference finals.


Therefore I ask the question: Why not us?  It’s not like there’s a much better option if there even is one.

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