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[Waivers] Tim Schaller, Julian Melchiori, Hubert Labrie, Andrew Agozzino, Dmytro Timashov

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14 minutes ago, stawns said:

Except it's the vets, aside from QH, who are carrying the team through the stretch.  Teams that go with "youth movements" spend their Aprils golfing while veteran teams battle for the Cup.


It takes all kinds of players to be successful.

Agreed, but when you have underperforming players such as Schaller and Eriksson I think your better off playing guys like MacEwen who deserve and need a shot in the lineup.


Especially when they appear to be playing better then the vets already.

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1 hour ago, apollo said:

Yes I agree with you Jim is the best scout in hockey. 


If you disagree show me your mock drafts of you picking Petey, Quinn and Brock... 


Oh also show me where you drew up the JT Miller and Toffoli deals... 


I hope your post wasn't sarcasm because he is the best scout in hockey and we're blessed to have him 

Benning has a good team around him, especially with drafting and trading.  But man... his free agent signings have been poor throughout his tenure.  It's like he sees good NHL talent to trade for, but then can't help himself and goes insane in July.

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1 minute ago, Ossi Vaananen said:

Wish we had the balls to waive him. The Calgary game two weeks back sealed his fate. Physical affair and he doesn't show up at all. 4th line wing, the best you could do for your team is take a guy off with you. MacEwen or Bailey could have filled his spot adequately. 


I still can’t figure out why he was never waived by the Canucks.  Provided absolutely NOTHING for us.  At least Eriksson is an ok defensive bottom six forward.

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