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[Trade] Devils trade Louis Domingue to Canucks for Zane McIntyre

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Just now, NUCKER67 said:

This was not the discussion I was hoping to have today. It was supposed to be about Stecher being traded, and maybe Baerstchi. About bringing in an upgrade on D and having that excitment that we are for real! EDM and VGK have made moves, and with the standings being so tight, a losing streak punts us out. Now they have to hitch their hopes on Demko's shoulders, I hope he's up to the task.     

Really don't think trading Stech and Baer would upgrade our D much..


Tryamkin will be a bigger upgrade than anyone who was available anyways ::D

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2 minutes ago, Qwags said:

At least try to have faith in Demko. This is a golden opportunity for him.

I like Demko. I hope he proves his worth as a potential starter in the league and to the organization. 

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3 minutes ago, 'NucK™ said:

Can anyone explain why NJ made this deal? 

Explained a couple times earlier in the thread, but it is believed to be a money decision. NJ are selling and Domingue makes 1 way money (nearly 3 times more than MacIntyre).

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Well, just as the "Fake News!" twitter feed had some Canuck fans thinking they had overpaid for Domingue, my new favorite Trade Deadline story comes out of Calgary...


Apparently, Johnny Hockey had to take a leak in the middle of practice and when he left the ice, Calgary fans freaked out, thinking the Flames had trade him:





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38 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Hopefully Marky recovers quickly.  This gives us a chance to see what Demko can do as the starter and allows us to make an informed decision on the goalie situation.  Not ideal, but it could be a lot worse.

And rest our #1 for a deep playoff run.




@Maple Leafs

@Blue Jackets

vs. Islanders *



vs. Jets *

vs. Lightning *



@ Golden Knights

vs. Sharks

vs. Flames

vs. Ducks



vs. Golden Knights


All remaining games are winnable for the Canucks. The games with * may be very difficult. But after watching the Boston game, anything is possible. Demko has made as high quality stops as Markstrom so far.


If the Canucks win the games they should win, they’re in the playoffs.


Vigneault’s rule of “Never lose three in a row” should be written high on the Canucks dressing room.


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35 minutes ago, viking mama said:

Why were so many teams willing to part ways with Louis Domingue, despite a  rather impressive record of backing-stopping in their nets? The chatter is that he is...odd, gruff & burly?

Marky was also rather testy & frequently bristled or barked at media-types & fools in his earliest AHL weeks & months with the Utica Comets. Yet, he quickly evolved into one of the most cordial, patient, & positively accountable role-models & leaders there & here in VanCity. He clearly humbled himself & chose to elevate the bar on his good habits to become a better public “face-of-the-franchise” guy as he exercised that higher-level of professionalism on a daily basis. He whole-heartedly committed to his team(s) & profession and a big BRAVO to Marky for that! The following days & weeks may be providing the same kind of epiphany for the newest addition to the Vancouver Canucks family, also. 


Welcome aboard, Louis Domingue! We are all looking forward to experiencing the very special kind of entertainment that you will provide! Cheers, please enjoy your stay with us & prosper! 



Our own Tim Thomas?

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