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[Trade] Devils trade Louis Domingue to Canucks for Zane McIntyre

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14 minutes ago, bree2 said:

how did he go from a eye injury to a knee injury? weird!

Henry Rollins tells a story where he managed to get knocked out by kneeing himself in the face while moshing on stage.  When he came to, he jumped back up with a bloody nose looking around for whoever hit him. 

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8 minutes ago, hero11 said:

Awful news but he could still be back for the playoffs.  I've had this one:  there's different levels of severity.  Hopefully his is on the light side.

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If the marky injury’s true This should force the D to tighten things up or it could get ugly.

i like Demko and  think he’s the future here but markstroms having a vezina year and a very big reason we weren’t sellers today. 
If Demko can get this done and be the player we hope he can be might make resigning Markstrom less likely this summer. Very big opportunity for Demko to prove himself 

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1 minute ago, Junkyard Dog said:

3-4 weeks with a meniscus tear is the best news you can hear. Means it is not too serious. 

not to pick nits, but I'd argue the best news you could hear is that your mvp starting goalie doesn't have a knee injury at all. 


that said, this will be good for demko and good for the team to have to tighten things up defensively down the stretch. 

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