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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Ottawa Senators | Feb. 27, 2020 - 4:30 PM PST

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This is garbage. Play down to the level of the other team. This team was again not prepared to start the game. You can't always come back. Its so frustrating to throw points away. Yes they can come back. Why make it harder on yourself every game? Way easier to play with a lead. The don't seem to take that to heart. Immaturity, that's what it is. They aren't getting any grade A chances. What does that say? This isn't the stanley cup champions. EMBARASSING. 

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1 minute ago, KelownaCanucksFan said:

Green should have changed up the lineup, they were lucky to win last game, and Loui sucks and should be in the press box

We gotta see Toffoli/Bo. Bo needs to step up his game, but he has desperately needed help for a long time.

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