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-Vintage Canuck- 100K Appreciation Thread

Junkyard Dog

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7 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said:

The most reliable Canucks news source, bar none. Better than TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN, and every other sports news source there is.

You've always provided the straight goods every time. EVERY TIME.

Well done, Vintage. We're forever in your debt.

congratulations applause GIF

Props @-Vintage Canuck-!!!!  CDC should crowdfund to hire you for TDL day and July 1 for the major signings

Now let's play a game of fill in the blank -- "in real life, I'm actually (insert name here)"

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Vintage hooking me up with a sig and being a welcoming force on these boards is what convinced me to start posting regularly instead of just creeping the boards as I had done for years. 

All class and we are lucky to have Vintage in our community! Bravo to you!

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Congrats Vintage...awesome achievement.

You are the shining beacon leadings the way on CDC. 

Your swift and accurate postings makes it possible for us on the other side of the pond to keep up with our beloved Canucks.


Vintage Canucks... to the rafters 


We salute you





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Vintage - congratulations.   Not sure how you've managed this - ten a day is only 3650 a year - ten years of that is 36500 posts in a decade which seems like a huge amount... x that by three and you get "Vintage Status", roueghly 30 posts a day for an entire decade..mind boggling.  Only the "Gaurdian" (he or she was the Lex Luther to Vintages Superman here on this forum) and a few others post that frequently  with that sort of dedication.  Remarkable really.  That's easily a couple hours a day on average just posting on this site....wow.   Nuxfromabroad is like Aquaman.   The comic book one with the orange underwear and - pretty special but not Supermanpost special ha ha.  The Thing does some bad ass GDT too...nice to have a certain element of moral compass or enforcer code built into this site - that said without the bad guys (Gaurdian - Bubbles etc) and some anti-heros (Alf right now - BABCOCK and 189 Enforcers IM BATMAN ha ha !) this sure wouldn't be nearly as much fun.  Thanks to everyone that spends their possibly limited down time to write and make this site the best in the League. 


Edit: for some more perspective on Vintages remarkable achievement- even if each post was one word each he's written almost two 250-300 page books.   If each post was one sentence then he's written around nine 300 page novels worth of stuff on this site.  Seriously it's like the "Wheel of Time " or "Game of Thrones" ... just ... wow.

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