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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators | Feb. 27, 2020

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Just now, Junkyard Dog said:

Game Saturday will be ugly if we give up those kind of chances and/or Demko lets in a couple goals he''d like back.


Leafs are no joke offensively when they show up.

Fortunately, they are a joke defensively.  Playing against their pylons is a gift.

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The majority of starts just haven't been good. Please don't tell me well we have won a lot. We also had a mature Jacob Markstrom and that is an important factor. He bailed us out a lot. I have not liked our starts for the most part on the entire year. I don't how to fix it but they should have pride and understand they need to work hard from the get go.

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We'll usually lose based on the way we played against the Habs. We'll usually win when we played like we did today.


Hockey has so much variance involved that you expect this to happen quite often. But that's why 82 games is necessary in hockey (as opposed to basketball); things will eventually even out and the best teams will be at the top. 


Of course it's more fun winning ugly than losing pretty, but in terms of predictive ability for our future performances, today doesn't change anything and I'd say you're overreacting if you think it does. 

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15 minutes ago, SILLY GOOSE said:

I get what you're saying, but I don't know if it's laziness-just not the same motor as say Hughes etc.

There seems to be players like Hughes and Bo, who bring a consistent level of play every night. Then there is the likes of Roussel and Eriksson, who put in half assed efforts. 


I suspect tho after an L, and a couple of spotty games in a row MacEwan will draw in which would be a big thumbs up.  

I can’t see how bringing in MacEwen could hurt right now. Sitting a slacker like Roussel sends the right message. 

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Just now, King Heffy said:

Fortunately, they are a joke defensively.  Playing against their pylons is a gift.

Not if our bottom 6 fwds and top 6 D play like crap in their own zone. It'll be fuel this NHL goal leading Leafs team. They also have the advantage of playing Anderson over Demko/Domingue.


Leafs are really used to playing a high offensive style. If it is a matter of who scores more they've got the advantage going in at home.


Gotta hope they're quiet and Demko has a better game. 

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