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[GDT] Around the NHL | March (01-07) 2020

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14 hours ago, Trebreh said:

the Lames got an undeserved win courtesy of the refs.


they could've had 3-4 penalties in the 3rd that the refs refused to call and when the Yotes finally got on the PP, they get a phantom penalty.


i don't want to get into conspiracies but the league is pushing for the BOA.


i'm salty cause we can't buy a penalty these days and the Lames are getting a lot of help from the refs when they're down.


I never bought into the ref conspiracy theory for years. I do think there is something to it though. Not a direct "let this team win" kind of thing. But I'm sure there is a directive to give the trailing team an advantage. I do try to view the officiating with a non homer eye but it's gotten difficult. EP gets messed with a lot, but no calls. He needs to get stronger on his skates and fight through it, for sure. I get the suttle interference, body contact of the game. But this year I have lost count how many times he is hooked or held up while in a shooting postion or set-up to pass situation. Those have to be called everytime. EP is a talent that uses his skills to put himself in great spots but then an uncalled hook or slash nullifies it. The NHL has lost my confidence this year with the non calls on EP in scoring positions. 

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15 minutes ago, ruilin96 said:

Karma for taking cheap shot on Petey last year.

Yup.  Kid plays cheap, so it’s not a surprise he gets his come upping.  Really don’t want your best young stars playing in that league.  It can be real ugly.  

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2 minutes ago, 73 Percent said:

Set your sports net expectations low and you wont be disappointed 

I’m watching TBay v Boston on the Internet.   Goals, fights, and lots of hate going on.  It is in Russian though. :lol:

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