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We Need & Deserve This Final Test

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46 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

You've gotta EARN it! If Van doesn't have the gusto, I'm hoping the other 3 Cdn western teams make the dance.


All 4 would be the best. Tired of cheering for W rivals to fail. Just earn it.

The only way I'd cheer for a team other than the Canuck's is one in the playoffs who's never won the Cup.

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We do need this test. So far we're failing. Still some games left, but all in all good efforts thus far. However, good efforts need to be rewarded with wins. That's really what we need. Wins! That being said.................


IMHO, I really don't think we're there yet. What I mean to say is, we're not playoff contenders. Still some key pieces required. Those pieces just might be in our prospect pool right now, but we wont know for a few years if they'll actually be the diamonds needed. Hoping they will of course, but................


My guess is there's still an acquisition/acquisitions required that'll put us right up there. Like a free agent or trade. As we all know from past successful teams, Canucks or otherwise, there was that acquisition that made all the difference. Like that six player trade that got us Ronning, Courtnall and such. Or the Blues getting Ryan O'Rielly, Vegas getting Stone, Patch, and Stasny. You get what I mean. Also......


It doesn't hurt to have some perennial all stars that you've drafted, Toews/Kane, Crosby/Malken, Ovi/Backstrom, etc....even McDavid/Draisaitl. (I'm not an Oilers lover, but...Yes. Them too! Holland has already started to build around his all stars!)


We've been lucky in the Benning era drafts thus far. I'm a lil' worried regarding Flow cuz he seems not as good since his first injury. I know he's got set backs with his dad and new injuries, but jeez....sure miss that shot of his. I'm putting all hope on Pod. I'm really hoping he'll be the game breaker we've been looking for. Not saying Miller/Petey/Toffoli aren't in that role, but compared to uh....Nathan MacKinnon???!?!?!?!

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